When It All Looks Dark


There have been moments in my life when my view looked bleak. Hopeless. Scary. Dark.

There have been times when I wondered if the sadness I felt would ever ease. I wondered if I would laugh or even smile again. I wondered if the weight I felt would lift.

In those moments, I searched for hope. Light. Goodness. Faithfulness.

I couldn't find it in what the world offered. My saving grace didn't come as a result of money, promotions, possessions or a number on a scale. I couldn't always find it in people either - too inconsistent, self-involved. Too human.

Good Friday reminds us of this darkness. It taps into the evil that exists and the powerful forces we face each and every day. And it could be easy, in that moment, to forget about the light. After all, the view is bleak. Jesus is dead. Hope is gone. Evil has won.

We know that this victory is temporary and in just two short days, Jesus will triumph over evil rising up victoriously with shouts of praise, bringing much-needed hope to the world.

But, today isn't Easter. Today is Good Friday.

So while your Easter might still be coming, if you're living in the darkness of Good Friday in your life today, please know I understand. And know that I care. You aren't alone. I see you.

And God sees you, too. 

The question becomes: can you see Him? Look for him. He's there. Even in the darkest of hours, He's there.

Jesus, standing steady with arms open. Jesus, strong and mighty, able to save. Jesus, tender and compassionate. Jesus, greater than your circumstances.

Hope and life and goodness and faithfulness are found in Him. And they are yours as you trust in his great love for you.

Happy Good Friday.