My Control Is Ruining My Kids

Since the first of the year, God has been holding the mirror up to my face and what I see is the C-word:


Especially in my parenting. I can be as easy breezy as the next person when it comes to my home, my nutrition, and many other areas of my life. But, when it comes to my kids and their choices, suddenly my anxiety is through the roof and it comes out in all kinds of gross controlling behaviors.

I could probably manage those if it only affected me. But they don't. They also affect my kids and those controlling words and actions are damaging my relationships with them. 

I wrote all about this struggle and the steps I'm taking to change my behavior in THIS POST for Des Moines Moms Blog.

Whether you find yourself struggling with control in your parenting or not, I'm guessing control rears its ugly head in some area of your life and this post just might remind you that you're not alone.

Happy Friday, everyone!