Welcome, friend.

Let me first say, you belong here. Beautiful you – with all your good days and bad, your strengths and your flaws – you are important to God and important to me.  The world can be a hard place and we weren’t created to walk through life or faith alone. We were meant to BELONG to one another. Learning, trying, failing, and then finally getting it right is way more fun when you have a community of wise, safe, encouragers cheering you on. 

So, welcome.

It took me a long time to find where I BELONG. I find that place in Jesus and his imperfect, but loving followers. I find BELONGING in the heart of my husband and our three kids. I find it in a group of marvelous friends who believe that an imperfect, but authentic life is a worthy calling.
I also find my place speaking and writing from the heart, inviting others to join me in REAL conversations. Sometimes those conversations come from the deepest places of our hearts about faith and fear or identity and calling. And sometimes we talk about trash tv or how on earth toothpaste got on the ceiling. But here’s one thing I’ll guarantee: you will feel encouraged, included and known.
So, thank you for joining me in this journey.

I’m glad you’re here.

Christine Facts:

·       Married to Michael

·       Mom to three funny kids

·       Loyal to Jesus, family and friends

·       Speaker for over 25 years

·       Author of numerous books and studies

·       One of the voices of the Straight From the Heart(land) podcast

·       Lover of popcorn with Milk Duds

·       Big fan of naps, college basketball and yoga pants