Some Christmas Fun to Get You Through

Photo by Letterfolk

Photo by Letterfolk

We're down to TEN days, people. Ten days until Christmas and you might be feeling all the feels - anticipation and excitement mixed with stress, exhaustion, and a heaping pile of "I can't put a coherent thought together because I'm a cotton-headed ninny muggins"!

If you're looking for a little relief, I wanted to share a video and two podcast episodes to get you through.


My friend Sarah and I recorded this video this week. It's our own Mom Version of the 12 Days of Christmas. If you've ever driven a million carpools, stepped on legos, faced an empty toilet paper roll or wondered why your laundry pile is never-ending, this video is for you. You're welcome....and you got this!

Podcast Episode #1

Also, Sarah's and my podcast, Straight From The Heart(land), released a funny episode this week about Christmas cards and the lost art of mail. We both boycotted cards this year and talk about why. Plus, we laugh about how different communication is these days and ponder what we're missing now that most communication is digital. 

It's a super funny episode which will keep you laughing as you power through these next 10 days.

Podcast Episode #2

Finally, the best relief of all during a busy, chaotic week is to slow down. We released a podcast episode a few weeks back where Sarah leads us through a centering prayer exercise for Advent. It's the perfect way to spend 8-10 minutes getting quiet and reflecting on the true reason for the season we're working so hard to enjoy. (You'll find the prayer exercise at min 14 of the podcast or listen to the whole thing!)

Give yourself the gift of slowing down. It's just what your soul needs today.

Want more like this? Check out Straight From The Heart(land)'s website, Facebook page, or subscribe to the podcast in your podcast app so you'll get new episodes delivered to your phone each Tuesday.

Merry (almost) Christmas, everyone! You've got this!