Giving Back and a Giveaway!

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I love giving back, but especially at the holidays. The problem is that the month of December is always super packed with a million other activities. There's the shopping and baking and concerts and parties and programs. Life + 1 becomes Life + 1,000 and it's tough to squeeze another thing in, no matter how noble and close to my heart.

So, Sarah and I and our podcast Straight From The Heart(land) - did you know I had a fun, weekly podcast full of authentic, funny conversations? Check it out in iTunes, the link above, or wherever you listen to podcasts! - have teamed up with Meals From The Heartland for an easy Holiday Giving Project.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Give: we are trying to raise $1,000 by Friday, Dec. 1. This is enough to cover the cost of creating 5,000 meals for those fighting hunger around the world. We're still a ways from our goal, so would you consider donating on this #GivingTuesday? Any amount would help and we'd greatly appreciate it.

Donate online through THIS LINK and type "Straight From The Heart(land)" in the "Specific Hunger Fight" optional text box so they'll credit our giving project AND so you'll be entered into our GIVEAWAY for a Target (happy place) gift card!

2. Serve: you can also help us package those 5,000 meals at a private Straight From The Heart(land) packaging event THIS Saturday, Dec. 2 from 1:30-3:30. Spots are limited to 20, so RSVP through our Facebook event and join Sarah and I and our families as we serve (and have fun!) together. Plus, it's only TWO days into December, so you'll have your giving back under your belt and still have the rest of your month to pack in those 1,000 other things!

Again, please make your donations (big or small) by Friday, Dec. 1st and let us know via our FB event if you'll join us on Saturday. Thanks for partnering with us to give back this holiday season!

Love, Christine