Third Week of Summer Check In

Two weeks ago, I wrote my First Week Of Summer Check In. Now we're into the third full week of summer and I'm curious: who's still standing?

Who's still enforcing chore sheets?

Who's still planning fun adventures?

Who's already thrown in the towel and decided to let your kids watch as much Netflix as they want as long as they don't fight anymore??

Week Three is where the summer rubber meets the road. We're way past novelty. The fun has worn off. The camps are over and we're hit with the following realization:

This is the new normal for the next 8 weeks.

Hold me.

So, how do we hang on? How do we face the next two months without losing our minds?

I think it's time to lower the bar, people.

I know we started off strong and felt great accomplishment during Week 1 when we completed all our chores, ate balanced meals, used our brains creatively and discovered fun in our own backyard.

But, we're not superhuman. How can we possibly maintain that level of awesomeness?

Answer: we can't.

It's time to relax and take the pressure off. I'll offer some modified summer goals for you.

Mornings: make it to lunch.

Afternoons: go to the pool.

Viola! You're good. Throw in an occasional visit to the library or a park and you're hitting your stride. Top off a day with ice cream and you're competing for Summer Parent of the Year!

When surviving the mornings and swimming away the afternoons are our two goals, we can achieve success and pat ourselves on the back.  Instead of an adventure a day, how about an adventure a week?

(What? You don't think the grocery store is much of an adventure? Pipe down, before I suggest the manager put you to work stocking shelves.)

In Week Three, the disappointment starts to sink in. Kids look bewildered when you suggest they "go find something to do outside." Moms look baffled when the kids point out they haven't had lunch yet and it's 1:30 in the afternoon.

But, never fear. If you can adjust to the new summer goals (survive + swim) during Week 3, the rest of the summer is sure to be smooth sailing!

I'm sure of it. I think. Let's check back with each other in a couple more weeks, 'k?