First Week Of Summer Check In

Okay, so let’s check in now that we’re officially four days into summer break.

  • Daily chores under way – √.
  • Boys up at 6 am to complete their chores in hopes of earning screen time – √.
  • Week one of basketball/drama camp in full swing – √.
  • Signed up for the summer library program – √.
  • Applied sunscreen the first four of ONE MILLION days –√.
  • First afternoon spent at the pool – √.
  • Later bed times – √.
  • Mosquito bites – √, √, and √.

I love the start of summer. Such promise of the fun to come and neither I nor my kids are sick of each other yet.

We Meggisons start off summer well. We have gusto in the beginning. We’re enthusiastic, ambitious, and creative. Each day is filled with fun. We may not go anywhere or do much of anything, but everyone is smiling.

I think it’s because I’m a big fan of lazy summers. After going, going, going all school year long, I rebel against too many scheduled commitments. I try to limit my kids’ activities to the month of June when we’re still in Summer Overachievement Mode. Because once July hits, I know none of us will be motivated to attend or carpool to another camp.

For us, summer is all about the slower pace. Leisurely making our way through the days and weeks soaking up the memories like the sun’s rays. No rushing or constant “Hurry up!” urgings from mom. No running from one activity to the next trying to squeeze it all in. If we don’t get ice cream today, there’s always tomorrow. A rainy day spoils the picnic, we’ll try it another day.

I like my kids more in the summer and they like me more, too. Gone is the Drill Sergeant Mom, replaced by Cool At The Pool Mom.

Of course, it’s not all peaceful days singing Kum-ba-ya around here. The kids bicker and get on each others’ nerves. I’ve gone from eight hours of quiet while they’re at school to ZERO hours to myself. There comes a point when we’ve all had too much togetherness and could use a good, long break.

But, here in the first week, I’m still singing summer’s praises. My rose-colored glasses are polished and the view looks great. I’m soaking up every glorious minute of this fun-filled season.

Check back in with me in a few weeks…..