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Meet My New Baby

Website Launch

No, not that kind of baby, although that would be kind of wildly awesome, right?

I’m actually talking about this website. It’s the official launch of today and after months of planning, preparing, blood, sweat, and tears, I feel like I’ve given birth again. (Thankfully there won’t be any jumbo, mesh underwear involved. Ladies, you know.)

Ten years ago, nine months pregnant with my daughter, I was putting the finishing touches on my book, “Image is Everything.” I wrote my final sentence and sent it to my editors merely hours before my daughter was born.

I’ve told that story many times and each time I’ve concluded with the exact same declaration:

I’m never, ever doing that again.

It was crazy! I birthed two things that month – a baby and a book. It was busy. It was stressful. And it was plain, old TOO MUCH.

And yet, here I am almost 10 years later to the day, birthing something again.

Thankfully this time around, it hasn’t been as busy, stressful or overwhelming. (That might have everything to do with my hormones falling within acceptable levels.)

Just like an expecting mom, I’m filled with nervous anticipation. A terrified excitement similar to riding a roller coaster. I know the ride is sure to be fast and filled with ups, downs, twists and turns. But I don’t know how it will all turn out and that makes me feel vulnerable. And similar to the first-time parent, I can plan, read books and talk to the experts, but I’m not going to know what to expect until I’m thrown into the deep end.

So, here I am. And here is my website.

I have hopes for the site, just like any new parent. I hope people can learn more about my skills as a speaker, writer, and podcaster. I hope the site reflects who God has made me to be. And I hope people make the site a part of their daily lives and it brings them encouragement on a regular basis.

But, I have even bigger dreams. I pray this site would be a gathering place. My desire is that people - particular women – would find belonging within these pages. They would find me (and others) encouraging them and welcoming them to live an authentic life in community with others.

Because life is hard, man. There are days when the sky seems to be falling all around us. Moments when we feel alone in our struggle and wonder if there’s anyone out there who understands or cares.

There is. I care. Others care. Jesus cares. And my prayer is that this site and its writing, podcasts, and resources would uplift your spirit and provide a place for you to share those burdens with others.

I also hope this can be a place filled with laughter and joy. We’re going to rejoice with each other and celebrate every good and perfect gift from heaven above. No need to keep it hidden. God is working in your life and that’s something to shout about.

In this hallowed space, you are invited to be authentic –  scared and imperfect and brave and kind. You are invited to be you. You are invited to belong.

My (almost) 10-year old light bringer, world changer.

My (almost) 10-year old light bringer, world changer.

I’ve been wondering why the site and the podcast just happen to be launching around my daughter’s 10th birthday. Maybe it’s God’s sense of humor. (Watch when you say “Never, ever!,” Christine!)

But, I wonder if it’s because my daughter represents the next generation of women. She is my future and along with her marvelous comrades, our future. She is my inspiration for the authentic, encouraging community I’m seeking to create here.

How great would it be if she only knew a world where women encouraged one another, supported each other, and allowed each other to fully embrace their God-given design?

Answer: totally, incredibly, double-chocolate-cake kind of GREAT.

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So, maybe that’s why Website Launch Day is happening now. (I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all the tv binge-watching I did during the month of December.)

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday, Website!! Here’s to many more years celebrating with all the people we know, are yet-to-know, but most certainly already love.