Am I The Meanest Mom Ever?

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My husband thinks so. But, only on one day of the year: April Fools’ Day.

I don’t know what it is about this holiday that brings out my inner prankster. I don’t pull pranks the rest of the year. But on April 1st of every year, I’m dream up some elaborate ruse and it becomes my personal mission to convince some poor, unsuspecting loved one that it’s true.

I pulled April Fools’ Day pranks in high school, one year convincing a boyfriend that my family was moving with one month left of my senior year. {Insert hot, wet tears… him.}

We pulled an elaborate April Fools’ Day hoax on our Straight From The Heart(land) podcast one year and listeners are still talking about it. (You can listen to that episode by clicking on this LINK and scrolling down to “Episode 60: Straight From The Heart About A Special Announcement.” It’s worth a listen….even if you’re already in on the joke.)

I think I’m able to pull off these pranks because I’m so darn honest the other 364 days of the year. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.) I never lie to my kids, husband, family or friends, so they are predisposed to believe what’s coming out of my mouth. And if I don’t over sell it, tipping them off with too many words on my part, they usual fall for it:




The key is enough details to convince them, offered up in a casual, no-big-deal manner.

Each year I pull pranks on my kids and yesterday’s was another success. I picked a favorite out of my “fool” box for my youngest, much to his chagrin and my delight.

I’ve pulled this prank before when my oldest was in 4th and my daughter was in 3rd. This year, I decided it was my youngest’s turn. He’s in 4th grade and, well, you can say he didn’t take the news very well. In fact, that’s an understatement. (See video below.)

The Set-Up

I asked my son if his teacher shared the news with the class about summer school. {Already he’s looking wary because what kid, with only two months left of school, wants to hear that they have to go to school in the summer?? Zero.}

I explained that the school district had been considering a year-round school calendar and that due to the number of snow days we’ve had this winter, they’d decided to move forward with starting the new schedule this summer. What a bummer, right?!?

I caught his reaction on video and it pretty much speaks for itself. I didn’t start filming in time to catch the initial outrage and tears, but it doesn’t matter. As you’ll see, he wasn’t a big fan of the summer school decision.

I’ll go back to my honest Abe ways now. My husband won’t wonder whether I’m fit for motherhood. At least for another 364 days.

Oh, and if you know of any college football recruiters, I think we might have a kicker on our hands.