There Are Three Things I Like About Snow


We had a snow day today. This comes after a MLK, Jr. holiday yesterday, a bitterly cold weekend, and an early dismissal from school due to weather on Friday. Parents of school-aged children have already done this math with me, but I’d invite the rest of you to join us: Friday + Saturday + Sunday + Monday + Tuesday = FIVE days. Five. (Hold me.)

It’s fine, though, because I’m not a big fan of going out in the cold when the roads are treacherous. And when the weather is poor enough that it forces everything to slow down and I can stay inside, I don’t mind it so much. But, it’s when we have to dig out again and resume our normal lives that I find myself wishing that I lived somewhere warmer.

I know some of you love snow. I don’t understand it, but I know it’s true. We had a pretty mild early January. In fact, for a week temps were in the 40s and even 50s for a couple of days. That was glorious.

Everywhere I went I commented on how I would gladly take this weather for the whole winter. Which was a just California dreaming on my part, because we all knew it wouldn’t last. It wasn’t a matter of IF the snow would come, but WHEN.

Anyway, when I would say that I hoped for mild weather for the rest of the season, invariably someone would pipe up that they wanted snow. (There are actual people who exist who welcome the cold, white accumulation of precipitation. Why, I’m not sure. But, they do indeed exist. And, like my dislike for all things pumpkin-spice (read more HERE), I commend their boldness in going against the popular sentiment to voice their support the thick blanket of white.)

So what is it exactly people like about snow? As far as I am concerned, I can only come up with three benefits and they are as follows:

1.       Snow days – who doesn’t love a good snow day? Cozied up with a mug of something warm and a blanket and maybe a good book, puzzle or movie. Yes, please. It helps that the rest of the world is snowed in because there’s no pressure to do anything BUT rest. And who doesn’t still get a little excited watching the news for your school district or business to cancel?

(If you need a Snow Day Survival Guide, click HERE for a post I wrote about surviving a snow day (or five) with your kids.)

2.      The View - I love looking out my windows after a big snowfall. The trees are glistening or maybe big, fluffy snowflakes are falling softly. It’s a serene scene all pure and white. Unblemished. Clean. Sparkling. Quiet. Too bad it doesn’t last longer before the plows are out spreading ice melt and gravel and everything turns into a brown, soupy mess.

3.       Ice Skating - One day a year, we go ice skating at my parents’ pond. Unfortunately, we need some extended cold weather for the ice to thicken up for some skating fun. Sure, we could skate at an arena indoors all year long, but there’s something different about an outdoor pond that provides some good old-fashioned family fun. And, after one day, my aging 44-year old body is good.

That’s my list of things I like about snow. Other than that, nope. In fact, I could be totally content missing snow for an entire year. Cold, too, for that matter. Despite Elsa’s claims, the cold always bothers me…..anyway.

Have you ever heard people say, “Well, if it’s gonna be cold anyway, we might as well have snow.” Huh? No thank you. That’s like saying, “If we’re gonna have to endure something that sucks we might as well add to it something that also sucks.” Hard pass.

But, don’t take my word as gospel. Weigh in on the issue yourself. I want to hear your thoughts on the Facebook page this week. Snow or no snow?

In the meantime, every day I’m shoveling…..