Can Our Kids Really Do ANY Thing?

Can My Kids Really Do ANYthing_ 1.png

I've been thinking about this phrase that I repeat to my kids and their friends all the time: You can do anything. And I've been questioning whether I'm setting them up for success or failure with this four-word refrain.

So, as I tend to do when I'm trying to sort things out in my mind....I blogged about it. And, because I love to get others' opinions to help me hash it all out, I blogged about it with the thousands of readers over at Des Moines Moms Blog.

But, because you are at the top of my list of trusted reader friends, I wanted to share the post with you as well. I'd love it if you took a minute to read the post and join my discussion on Facebook. I'm sure you'll have some great insights to share with me and our community of friends.

Here's the link and thanks in advance,