Letting Go Of My Need To Impress

Letting Go Of My Need To Impress.png

“The temptation to try and impress others is a big one. Who doesn’t like to appear capable, confident and wise? I think everyone does. But, the truth is: most of us – myself at the top of the list – have more uncertainties and insecurities than we let on.”

I caught myself bragging to some girlfriends the other day. It felt gross immediately and I wondered what was driving the compulsion to do it.

So, I sat down to read my Bible, journal, and pray and at the top of my list of questions for God was: why am I feeling the need to toot my own horn?

The understanding that came inspired this blog post for Des Moines Moms Blog. I hope you’ll have a read and let me know what you think.

Happy Tuesday!